RULES: Forum

  • § 1 Validity of the rules

    1. this set of rules is valid for the forum and all related components.

    2. by registering in Forum, the user accepts these rules and commits to follow them

    3. in case of breaking the rules, the team may impose penalties.

    4. changes can be made to the rules at any time, they are binding with immediate effect.

    5th For this reason it is obligation to inform itself regularly about the current conditions of the rules.

    § 2 Penalties

    1. penalties are generally only issued in appropriate severity and with appropriate reason.

    2. penalties can be harsher or even longer if the user to be punished has already been punished repeatedly.

    3. possible punishments are:

    - deletion of the respective topic/contribution

    - Exclusion from specific topic

    - Exclusion from the forum

    § 3 Rules of the Forum

    1. to avoid duplicates, the search function should be used before creating a theme.

    2. the forum is divided into categories and subforums. When creating a topic, the right choice must be made.

    3. the server team will move topics to other categories and subforums if the topic misses the sense of the section.

    4. posts and headings must be written in understandable language or formatting and appropriate spelling.

    5. misleading and incomprehensible titles are to be avoided.

    6. team members can close topics when further answers are no longer needed. It is not possible to reply to closed topics.

    7. as soon as a topic has been clarified, e.g. answered or discussed, the creator of the topic may demand that a team member closes the topic.

    8. topics will be deleted by us if you violate the forum rules or otherwise miss the purpose of the forum.

    9. pushing a topic, i.e. making posts with the intention of getting a better ranking in the forum, is not allowed.

    § 4 Forum contents

    1. radicalistic, inhuman, violence glorifying, pornographic, offensive, sexist and race-hostile expressions and contents of any form are strictly prohibited

    2. disrespectful and provocative statements are unwanted.

    3. any kind of insult is strictly prohibited.

    4. signatures, profile pictures, punctuation marks, smileys and any other provided extension possibilities of the forum are to be used in an appropriate extent.

    5. any kind of threat, whether empty or serious, is prohibited.

    6. copyrighted content may only be published in the forum with the express permission of the author.

    7. advertising in any form is prohibited. This includes:

    - Advertising for a Minecraft server

    - Advertising for a brand & company

    - Advertising for a YouTube channel

    § 5 Account usage

    1. the use of multiple forum accounts and the circumvention of a block is not allowed.

    2. the account name, description etc. must not contradict the rules mentioned here.